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Training Gloves

At Healthyfitnessworld we offer a variety of training gloves that can be used for a number of sports and workouts. These training gloves are perfect for boxing, sparring, and kickboxing workouts. The are made to last and take a beating!
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Here at Healthyfitnessworld we are proud to offer a variety of AmberSport training gloves. These gloves are designed for optimal training and are designed to promote proper technique while conforming to your hands. Training gloves can be used for more than just boxing and has many great health benefits for not only your body but your mind too. You can use these training gloves with wrapped or unwrapped hands. (Wrapped hands are safer and you will be less likely to get hurt) These training gloves offer protection against scrapes and lessen the impact on your hands and knuckles. Most of come in a variety of sizes some weighing 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. Training gloves are a great type of fitness equipment to increase stamina and endurance and build those shoulders strong. Use them for kickboxing, sparring, boxing or hitting the bag to get out your daily frustrations. We also carry fingerless training gloves used for mixed martial arts. These training gloves can also be used for other aggressive workouts involving hitting and punching. They too will keep your hands and knuckles safe but also allow for more movement and flexibility of your hands and fingers. No matter which gloves you choose remember have fun, hit hard and Sweat it Out!